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Sweet Words From Some Of Our past Clients.... 

1/12/19 love our Redwood Creek Weimaraner. Bleu is one of the smartest and well behaved Weimaraners we have ever had. I am planning on getting another in the near future from them. I would definitely buy another puppy from you, great dog! No health issues at all! 

1/22/19 We got our Weimaraner at Redwood Creek kennel in Harrison Arkansas Kimberly has a very professional facility each puppy family has its own really big place to run and play and is kept very clean our Weimaraner came to us healthy! Her name is Abby and is 2 years old this March and is doing very well--

2/12/19 I purchased my Weimaraner May of 2018, and I'm so thankful I found an honest breeder! The transaction went smoothly, and shipping was a breeze! When I met my fur baby he was exactly what I wanted. I would definitely recommend and do business with Kim Beery again! --

2/19/19 I purchased a Weimaraner for my Dad for Father's Day after he had been wanting one for a few years. After connecting with Kim, she was extremely helpful with the process and purchasing. I always felt that I was in the know of all information needed to purchase a dog. I had never imagined having a dog shipped to me but she informed me of the entire process and put any fears I had to rest. She is knowledgeable and caring of the dogs! I cannot stress that enough. After we received the puppy, we fell in love! She is just so beautiful. We took the her to the vet and the vet was honestly shocked at how healthy she was. He also informed me that these dogs sometimes prone to some health issues and she had no signs of any; never any health scares. She has been extremely healthy, energetic and loving! I would do it all over again if I had to. We had such a great experience dealing with Kim and getting to love our Gracie Girl! Thank you! --

Savannah 3/27/19 We adopted our sweet Irish Setter two years ago, and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Monica was very timely with her responses and answered every question we had. Our little girl Heidi is two now and is the absolute best!! She has the sweetest temperament and we love her more than anything!

Brooke 9/28/19 I can not say enough positive things about Kimberley Beery’s Gordon’s. We are headed back to get another one this week. Our current Gordon is very healthy. We have had him for four years(he needs a sister now). He is the perfect family dog with the most amazing disposition. He is smart too. He fetches, shakes sits, rolls over and opens doors(taught himself this trick). I wouldn’t get a Gordon from anyone else!!

Devin 8/1/19 A little over a month ago I received my boy Archie (named Max by the breeder) and I couldn’t be happier with what I got! Not only did I receive a puppy who is smart and beautiful, but I received a puppy who loves all people and other dogs! Even after a 5 hour flight to Connecticut, he took no time to warm up to me and my family! The breeder was very easy to communicate with and I would definitely recommend her to anyone!

Jennifer 5/21/19  We purchased our baby Bella (Weimaraner) a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t be happier!!! She has the sweetest personality! We can’t say enough good things about the breeders. The whole process was smooth. They were more than willing to answer my hundreds of questions. We will definitely be looking forward to another puppy from this family in the future!!!

Joshlyn 5/13/19  We I purchased a black and white parti Pomeranian pup who went by the name of Bjorn. I named him Cosmo as it fits his personality and his cuteness. I met the Beery's in Harrison, AR (a 3 hour drive from where I am located) to pick up this sweet pup. He was 8 weeks when I got him. He was immediately attached to me. He sat in my lap the entire drive home. He was so sweet and full of energy. He was friendly to all humans and animals. He even got along well with my young nephews. When we arrived home, I was surprised and relieved that he was already trained to use puppy pads. He is 5 months now and is still sweet, healthy, adorable, and full of energy. I plan to purchase another Pom from the Beery's in the future. I highly recommend their pups. They are healthy, happy, and great with children. Thank you so much to the Beery's for my furever baby!!

Damon 5/4/19  I purchased a female Irish Setter from Kim in May of 2019 and couldn’t not be happier with my little girl. Kim was very responsive and patient with my many questions and flexible in scheduling both a visitation day and pickup time. I have gotten so many compliments on Piper’s appearance in the short time I have had her and can tell that she is of great pedigree. I would highly recommend purchasing a pup from Kim as she and her family devote themselves to the art of breeding and offer lovable companions who are an instant connection.

Nilda 5/21/18  I got my Duke , now named Sir Noah Duke. He is wonderful, cute and Kimberly very easy to work with. Got what I needed and when I was told, no problems dealing with her. My baby had some health issue we think due the flight to Miami. But he is doing great and we are so very happy. Thanks Kim.

Beth 9/9/17  The Beery family is easy to work with. But I was most impressed with the cleanliness and set up of their kennel. These are not caged dogs. The females with puppies each have a large run with indoor and outdoor space. They also have a good size hut in which they care for their litter. The other dogs have large community areas where they can run around and be dogs. Most remarkable -- all the dogs were quite friendly, even those that were a bit wary at first. The entire property is immaculate. Two warnings: 1. The address is Harrison, Arkansas. But the property is located out in the country which requires travel on winding, pretty bumpy roads. Worth the trip. Follow the map they send you. 2. They have free-range barn cats and kittens which are very pretty and extremely friendly. So you might wind up with a cat, too.

Claudia 4/26/17  This immaculately kept AKC approved Kennel was impressive to see! All dogs were calm and extremely well behaved. We were able to take our time with the puppy we chose and to test her behavior and demeanor. At no time did we feel rushed or pressured to make our decision to purchase the new addition to our household. The puppy was sound, a sheer beauty and a perfect fit! She is now four months old and I could not be happier with my puppy if I tried. I socialize and train her on a daily basis. She is highly intelligent, obedient and easily housebroken. I can not emphasize how beautiful my puppy is, how straight her back is, how long her legs are, how acute all of her senses are and how shiny her beautiful her silver grey coat is. She is a natural stacker. She will do well in any sporting event!

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