Skye & Lakota Thunderous Zeus

Born November 10, 2020-Ready January 5, 2021
Blue Female: Sold/ Janessa K
1st Choice Silver Female: Sold/ Walter M
2nd Choice Silver Female: Sold/ Munci I
1st Choice Blue Male: Sold/ Kyra P
2nd Choice Blue Male: Sold/ Matt S
1st Choice Silver Male: Sold/ James C
2nd Choice Silver Male: Sold/ Danielle C
3rd Choice Silver Male: Sold/ Melissa O
4th Choice Silver Male: Sold/ Jack N

Mila Sonja & Lakota Thunderous Zeus

Due January 20, 2021
We are taking names at this time. When they are born if we have the puppy you were looking for, at that point you can make a $150 nonrefundable deposit to hold it until they are ready to go. They will be $1200 for limited or $1,600 for full registration. 
Mila Sonja
Lakota Thunderous Zeus